Petite Joys #17 – 7 Things That Have Made Me Happy Lately

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And I’m back! Hello there! Let’s settle back into the swing of things by going through what’s kept my pecker up while I’ve been away:

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[left] ♥ Getting back into blogging! // I know I’ve only been gone for nine days, but I really started to miss blogging. I felt that I needed a break after Blogtober, and so settling for that sweet spot of just over a week seemed just right. Within 5 days or so, I started to miss this! (So Blogtober can’t have had that much of a negative effect, can it?)

Last Monday, I fell ill and I’m only just starting to get better, so it’s really nice to sit at my desk and be vaguely productive again, instead of sniffling on the sofa of an evening, feeling sorry for myself!

Heart Extra Xmas // Instead of being a proper Grinch this year, I’ve embraced the festive season (admittedly very) early by re-tuning my radio to this station full of non-stop Christmas songs. (Don’t judge me, but I genuinely love it! Ask me if I’m still enjoying it by the second week of December and I might give a different answer, but up to now, I’m relishing it.)

Window shopping // I’ve already started working on this year’s Christmas gift guides, and I’m loving the chance to have a bit of a window shop for gifts while I’m at it!

Hot tea // A simple one – but when you’re ill, hot, steaming mugs of tea on tap are just the ticket. (Even if you can’t actually taste them.) [/left] [right] ♥ Film // You know how I’ve been dabbling in the odd bit of film photography lately? Well, I’ve gone and bought a couple of rolls of film that I’ve wanted to try for ages – Kodak Portra 160 & 400, FYI – I know it’s probably not normal to get this excited over film, but I’m hoping to take the roll of 400 to a Christmas Market very soon and get some lovely filmic snaps of the festivities.

Boxset binging // You know when you’re ill and you can only muster up enough energy to sit and gawp at a screen? Well, I’ve been doing a lot of that over the past week or so. I’ve just started watching Sherlock on Netflix (I know, I am seriously late to the party on that one) plus Inside No. 9, along with many other fantastic shows.

Getting steamy // Get your minds out of the gutter! Admittedly, this is an odd one to add to the list, but I bought a face steamer from Argos a couple of months back (it was a bargain at less than twenty quid)* and it’s made such a huge difference to my skin lately.

Being ill has brought my facial eczema and cystic acne right back out in full force, and this is the only thing that I’ve tried over the past few years that seems to settle both of them down! (If only I’d known earlier!) [/right]

What’s put a smile on your face this week?


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