February Goals

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It’s February! At last, the longest January ever is over. Here’s what I’ve got planned this month:

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Do more of what I enjoy.

One thing that I really love doing, but haven’t done for aaagggeeessss, is making videos. I used to make a ‘series’ for my (now defunct) YouTube channel called Monthly or Weekly Snippets which were my take on a vlog. (Basically, an edited film of the things I did without any awkward talky bits from me interspersed between them. Riveting as I’m sure you’ll agree…)

While I’m definitely not interested in reviving my obsolete Channel, because I’m not keen on YouTube and the ridiculously high standards that are now seemingly commonplace, I’d love to make a little monthly video for February to go along with a blog post. Uploaded to Vimeo, mind, because I’m not venturing back onto YT again…

I think that Instagram Stories is to blame for rekindling my love of filming and sharing snippets of my day. I’ve been filming Stories on my camera for a little while now, and I love getting creative by cracking open Final Cut Pro and editing clips together for that. But it does seem like a bit of a futile exercise when the video in question disappears in a day, unless you save it to your Highlights.

What I’m trying to say, admittedly not very well, is that I’d like to film and edit something more meaningful, creative, AND longer-lasting.

(And without worrying that it’s going to be panned on the platform I’ve uploaded it to because it wasn’t filmed on the latest Sony A7 or cine-camera by a professional camera crew with an abundance of 120fps slo-mo shots to demonstrate how good I am at filming inane stuff and making it look fancy…)

Keep snoozing.

One thing that I mentioned in my last post is that I’ve been working on my sleep routine lately. After the bad start to the year, I felt so exhausted and frazzled that I decided that sleep finally needed to be a priority for me.

I’ve made fairly good progress so far, but I’d love to sleep all the way through without being disturbed by noisy neighbours slamming doors at all hours/traffic noise/dogs from a few doors down that’ve been let out at 5am to bark as much as they like… Despite sleeping more, I’m still not feeling exactly well-rested.

I’m tempted to try new things to help me out like meditation using the Headspace app and give magnesium bath salts a whirl too. Basically, anything that’ll have me in the land of nod before I’ve run out of sheep to count, like usual.

It’s all work-in-progress, really, isn’t it?

Bore you a bit more.

During February, I’d love to get back on the blogging bandwagon again. After January starting the way it did, all of my plans for this blog went out of the window. I only managed to publish two posts throughout the entire month. Sorry!

I felt so inspired at the start of the year, and it all fizzled out so quickly, thanks to the stress. So, I’ve been working away on a few posts over the past week or so (including this one), and I’m hoping that more of that vital inspiration arrives soon!

Support other small bloggers.

I’m a small blogger, so I know how important it is to get support from your readers and fellow bloggers. I’ve not been great at reaching out to others in the blogosphere for a while now, so it’d be wonderful to finally get round to supporting those that need it.

Whether it’s going onto their blogs and clicking on a few affiliate links, or buying something from their Etsy shops, or just simply dropping a comment under their posts, it’d be lovely to do something supportive. (Let’s face it, it can feel like you’re talking to yourself on the Internet for no reason otherwise.)

Incidentally, if there are any small bloggers who you think I need to know about, please let me know! I love finding new blogs to read!


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What’s on your to-do list this month?

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