iPhone Photo Diary: An Afternoon In Manchester

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Come with me on a journey to the lovely, but rainy, city of Manchester.

Inspired by Ropes of Holland‘s iPhone Photo Diary series, I thought I’d do something a bit different and share what we got up to via some phone snaps!
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I mentioned in yesterday’s post that we had to lug my poorly iMac up to the Arndale Centre to try and get it fixed. So, here are a few snaps I took of our afternoon there, which frankly, most of which was spent in the Apple Store…

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The iMac had to be wrapped up in a couple of bin liners, would you believe? (I know, I know, it’s not great for the environment, sorry, but needs must.) Because it was raining, we couldn’t afford to get the box wet. It’s not really the kind of thing you can carry around a city centre by hand if the cardboard box falls to pieces, and it’s electrical equipment, of course.

We spent an hour in the car travelling up to Buxton before catching the train to Manchester from there. It’s roughly 40 miles away to the city from home, but it’s surprisingly hard (and expensive) to get to from other, more local, stations.

After boarding a Northern train packed with very noisy school kids, I spent the hour-long journey uploading to Instagram Stories (signal-permitting), reading the news and checking emails too. Just basically doing anything I could to avoid sitting there with my own thoughts, procrastinating by making ‘work’ for myself on my phone, like we all do these days. (Including taking a snap of the buckle on my bag, like you do…)

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When we got into Manchester Piccadilly, we headed off to get the tram as far as Piccadilly Gardens. It’s not far to walk, but it is when you’re carrying a massive pile of Mac stuff. And who should we see on the tram platform but the boys from Blossoms.

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After getting to the Apple Store, we sat there for almost two hours with two separate Genius Bar technicians. They were a bit stumped about what was wrong with it. The whole reason we were there in the first place was because diagnostics I’d run said that the new hard drive it’d had was failing after three months. It wasn’t, thankfully. But that didn’t mean it was obvious what was wrong. They were really lovely there, and totally went above and beyond to get it working again.

As I mentioned yesterday, wiping the hard drive and taking it back a couple of updates got it working in a faster fashion straight away. So they were happy to wrap it back up for us and send us on our way.

I’d hoped to go to an independent coffee place afterwards, or while it was being repaired, but it wasn’t to be, sadly. By the time we came out, it was about 7pm! So, that left us grabbing a quick Starbucks before hopping back on the tram to Piccadilly. (Yep, I still need coffee that late into the evening.)

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We missed the train we were going to get back, because I’m an idiot who mis-read the train time by looking at the arrivals board instead of the departures board. (Can you imagine what I’d be like WITHOUT coffee?)

So, that left us with almost an hour to kill in Piccadilly Station. I picked up a magazine in WH Smith, wandered about a bit, faffed about on my phone, and then realised I’d got a free coffee from Caffé Nero. The nice lady behind the counter offered me a large cappuccino, and I grabbed it with both hands (with total disregard for how badly I was bound to sleep that night.)

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Then I took an incredibly rare (train station toilet) selfie. (Why am I telling you that, you can already see for yourself, can’t you?)

To be fair, I only left this photo in because I don’t think I’ve ever really posted a proper photo of myself in the four, almost five, years I’ve had this blog. Aside from that cringey photo in the sidebar, you don’t actually know what I look like, do you?

(Yes, I need a haircut. Yes, I’m pale. Yes, I’m a bit ginger. I know.)

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After that, it was time to jump aboard another packed Northern train back to Buxton. It was only an hour, yet it felt years longer than that, for some reason.

Not even leafing through my magazine/watching copious Instagram Stories/kicking myself for leaving my Kindle at home helped to pass the time away.

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We got home at almost 11pm, so we opted to grab some fish and chips on the way back through town. While I’d had two huge coffees that evening, I hadn’t actually eaten anything all day since breakfast. (I’m not good at adulting.)

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And there we have it. The end of our trip to Manchester. Are you still awake?

All photos taken on my iPhone XR and edited with the Huji Cam app.

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