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9 Places To Find Fantastic New Blog Themes for Blogger & WordPress

If you’re one of those bloggers who’s had to change themes quite quickly due to recent events, or even if you’re just looking for a shiny new theme, here are nine lovely options to get you started!

I’ve tried to cater for all preferences and budgets here. If you haven’t got anything to spend on a new design for your blog, I’ve collated some free themes for both WordPress and Blogger, which you’ll find at the bottom of this post. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

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ThemeForest (WP Only)

ThemeForest have a ton of different designs on offer. They are quite expensive, so if you’re on a budget, it might be best to keep scrolling down this post for some cheaper options. Having said that, you do get a lot for your money, and they have some really nice designs on offer, like: The Voux, Cheer Up, The Issue, Authentic, and Goodlife.

I believe all themes on ThemeForest go through a quality check, which is handy for ensuring you don’t go through an unpleasant experience related to nefarious code in your blog design… Do bear in mind that the advertised prices don’t include VAT, so that’s added on top at the checkout, along with a $2 handling fee. Just something to bear in mind.


When I asked my Instagram followers where they got their blog designs from, the most popular answer by far was Etsy.

A couple of themes that I bought for The Weekend Edition were through Etsy. There’s so much choice on there, for both Blogger and WordPress! Shops of note include: FearneCreativeDesign (very cheap, but good!), BellaCreativeShop, UnderlineDesigns, CityHouseDesign, DannyWordPress, Lucid Themes, Blog Pixie, and Templates By Kate to name but a few!

You can pick up a new Blogger template for about a fiver, and prices for both platforms go up to about £60, depending on what you’re looking for. The great thing is that there’s so much choice! (Plus, with Etsy, the currency is in pounds so you can easily see how much you’ll have to pay without doing any maths!)

Flatlay, Katie Writes, Stationery, MacBook, Blush, Blanket, Throw, Blogging, Where to find blog themes, Blog templates, Advice, ©Katiewrites.co.uk
Flatlay, Katie Writes, Stationery, MacBook, Blush, Blanket, Throw, Blogging, Where to find blog themes, Blog templates, Advice, ©Katiewrites.co.uk

Creative Market

Creative Market is quite similar to Etsy, although they have more WordPress themes on offer than they do Blogger templates. Again, there are lots of options for both platforms that span across many price ranges – it’s somewhere you’ll probably find something you like, regardless of your budget:



Angie Makes (WP Only)

For starters, Angie Makes very kindly has a free WordPress theme on offer (find Mary Kate here!) but, on top of that, she has several pretty, feminine WordPress themes on offer to buy.

(As an aside, Angie also has lots of other graphics freebies on offer which are great for using to design blog headers or photo graphics with!)

Find WordPress themes from Angie Makes here.

Miel Cafe Design

Giada and I follow each other on Instagram, which is how I discovered her beautiful designs! She mainly specialises in custom designs, but also sells four ready-made templates too. Three for Blogger and one for WP.

Her designs are slightly different to the bright white ones we’ve all become accustomed to, so if you want your blog to stand out a little, you might well like Giada’s templates!

Find Miel Cafe Design here.

Kortryna Bass Design

Kortryna Bass does themes for WordPress and Blogger templates too. They’re really well-designed, and responsive. She also offers free installation too, if you’re struggling with the tech side of things.

Find her website here.

Station Seven (WP Only)

Station Seven offer 5 different themes for WordPress, as well as a few for Squarespace too.

Find their WordPress themes here.

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Solo Pine (WP Only)

This new design of mine is from Solo Pine. (Wow, that totally rhymed, didn’t it?) I’m pretty happy with it so far, which isn’t bad considering I was quite sad to have to leave my beloved old theme behind.

The husband and wife team behind Solo Pine have plenty of WordPress themes on offer, and for pretty reasonable prices. Do bear in mind that when you buy one of their themes, you’re redirected to ThemeForest to actually purchase it, where the VAT and a $2 handling fee that I previously mentioned are added on, so it does add a few extra pounds on top of the originally stated price.

I’m really impressed by how much faster this theme is, plus there are heaps of customisation options too. All in all, after nearly a month of this new design, I’m increasingly happy with it. And, if you’re not entirely happy with the way your design looks, they do modifications and customisations for an extra fee, so that’s something worth considering if your budget will stretch to it!

Find Solo Pine designs here.

Gatto Web

If you’ve got a fair bit of money (we’re talking a few grand to spare here) to spend on your blog design, it could be worth looking into getting a custom design. That way, your blog is entirely unique to you. Cat from Gatto Web has done some lovely designs for some bigger name bloggers like: Megan Ellaby, Helen Anderz, Callie Thorpe, Hannah Witton, plus loads more!

Find Gatto Web designs here.

And Finally, Some Miscellaneous Free Themes…

Free WordPress Themes:

Some great free WordPress designs to consider are:

Free Blogger Templates:

And if you’re on Blogger and on a budget too, here are some free templates that might tickle your fancy:

Where do you normally get your designs from?