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I’ll admit that I haven’t been shopping for quite a while. You know how terrible I can be with money? Well, I imposed an informal ‘shopping ban’. Anything that wasn’t essential, basically any frivolous purchases, ended up being put back on the shelf. I’ve done really well for months at not caving and buying beauty bits that I didn’t really need.

But, I finally ventured into Boots the other day and went a bit mad. Here’s what I bought…

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IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Fair

Oh my, am I excited about finally getting my hands on some of this stuff! My nearest large branch of the store (Derby) didn’t have any full-size tubes of this CC Cream, but after wandering around for ages, I eventually found some miniatures.

I’ve swatched a blob of it on my arm, as you can see. And, being as pale as I am (i.e. needing factor 50+ just to go near a window on an overcast day #paleprobs), even ‘Fair’ is WAY too dark for me. Quite disappointing. I’m hoping that I can carry it off by blending it right down to my neck, but I doubt I’ll be able to without looking like I’ve headbutted a vat of crushed Wotsits, sadly. We’ll see though, eh? I’ll keep you posted.

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La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50+ Anti-Shine Non-Perfumed Dry Touch Gel-Cream

Aside from having the longest name imaginable, this SPF has been on my ‘must-buy’ list for quite a while. I’m terrible for not wearing SPF, despite knowing how important it is. My only gripe with a lot of facial SPFs is that they’re so greasy. It’s really hard to get your makeup to sit on something that essentially makes your face greasier than a vat of oil.

That’s where this stuff comes in! Being a big fan of French pharmacy skincare products, I’ve used La Roche Posay products for years. Anthelios (their SPF range) is one range from them that I’m yet to try, and whenever I’ve popped into Boots in search of this anti-shine one, there’s been an empty space on the shelf. It isn’t available on places like Escentual either, unfortunately.

I can’t wait to try this under my makeup, in the hope it gives me some decent sun protection and peace of mind.

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Pixi + Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse

This duo of cleansers was on offer, and I couldn’t resist picking them up. I already double cleanse with an oil and a balm before bed when I’ve worn makeup, and I really wanted to see if the hype about this stuff was justified.

First impressions? I used it to take my makeup off on the night I bought it, and even though it seems a bit ‘no-frills’, it really shifted a full face of slap in record time! I’m impressed.

There isn’t much of a scent to it, so it’s great for sensitive skin. The oil really packs a punch, and I like the fact that it’s solid so there’s no chance of spillage because it isn’t runny. The balm is nice and gentle. It didn’t leave my face particularly soft, but it certainly made my face feel squeaky clean. I’m going to reserve it for the days when I wear a full face of makeup, because it is more expensive than my usual oil (Superfacialist) and balm (Lacura Hot Cloth Cleanser). But, so far, so good!

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CoLab Dry Shampoo

Despite not really being a fan of dry shampoos, I always like to have a tin in just in case the dreaded greasiness strikes. I don’t like having to rely on it, but I get greasy roots quickly, even with use of clarifying shampoos and laying off heavy products.

The best high street dry shampoo I’ve tried so far is this one from CoLab. I was tempted to try the Klorane one, but £9 for that vs. £2.32 for the CoLab one (again, it was on offer) was a bit of a no-brainer.

Unlike some other drugstore dry shampoos, it doesn’t leave a blatant white residue in my hair. It makes it cleaner. It smells lovely. What more can you ask for for a couple of quid a tin?

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Radox Detox Bath Therapy Salts and Bath Oil

You know how I’ve been suffering from insomnia a fair bit lately? (I keep going on about it, don’t I?) Well, one of my new favourite ways to help me ease off into the Land of Nod is to use magnesium bath salts. I can’t stress how incredible the Westlab ones that I’ve recently been using are. A 20 minute soak with a few handfuls of those salts is enough to put me in a deep sleep for 9 hours! (NINE HOURS!)

I had no idea that Boots stock the Westlab ones too (I picked them up before from Aldi), but when I saw that Radox had a new-ish range of bath salts and oils, and that they were 2 for £6, I threw them into my basket straight away.

The Radox bath salts that I picked up are the acai berry scent, but they do a couple of other scents too, if that’s not your cup of tea. They’ve got magnesium, calcium, and sodium (obviously) in them. I’ll (hopefully) report back to you on whether they’re as good as the Westlab ones.

As for the Radox Bath Oil, it’s rose scented and packed full of oils and vitamin E too. It does say on the bottle that it doesn’t make a heap of bubbles, which I wasn’t expecting from it anyway. So, if you’re a fellow lover of a bubble bath, I’d recommend crumbling up a Lush bubble bar or pouring a bit of traditional Radox bath soak in too to get your bubbly fix.

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