5 Years!

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I can’t quite believe I’m writing this, but this blog turns five today!

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How on earth it’s five years since I tentatively pressed ‘publish’ on a review of a foundation, I’ll never know, but it is. So to celebrate, I bought a posh candle off Etsy and a little cake too. (Well, you’ve got to celebrate in style and really push the boat out, haven’t you?)

If you scroll down to the bottom of this post, there’s a little celebratory playlist for you to listen to as you read my blog birthday ramblings. I’m honestly not quite sure what to say in this post. I still feel a bit weird about blogging, in a post-Pipdig-debacle world. And, there is a lot I want to say, but it’s just not coming out of my head very coherently or eloquently right now, so we’ll save that for another day.

FIVE YEARS, though. (Five! Still can’t get over it.)

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Five things that five years of blogging has taught me

I wrote a post like this last year, which I’ll link to here, but to summarise, here are a few lessons that I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Just because your blog looks gorgeous, that doesn’t mean to say it isn’t teeming with nefarious code and isn’t being used to DDoS your designer’s competitors… *ahem*
  • WordPress is good if you want greater control, but it’s harder work to run a self-hosted blog. Blogger is perfect if you’re not technically-minded, or if you just don’t have time or the knowledge to run your blog independently.
  • Blogging is expensive, and you’ll probably never make that money back. (Unless you’re famous, which – let’s face it – most of us aren’t, and never will be.)
  • Thanks to Instagram, it’s harder than ever to get people to read your blog posts. (Find my post on that here.)
  • Most bloggers work incredibly hard on their blogs for little recognition. They’re often a hobby that we dedicate a heap of time and effort into, for what can sometimes feel like nothing. But we still keep doing it, although we might moan a bit about it, because we really do love it!

Five of the bloggers I look up to the most these days

Sharing the love by reminding you that these lovely ladies are nailing it… 

  1. Carrie from WishWishWish
  2. Liv from WhatOliviaDid
  3. Anna of The Anna Edit
  4. Kate of KateLaVie
  5. Hannah from Hannah Gale.

The five posts on Katie Writes that I’m proudest of

Is it a bit self-indulgent to do this? Probably, but I’m gonna do it anyway… 

  1. The Man On The Bridge
  2. Results Day
  3. Sorry I’m The Annoying One With The Camera
  4. IWD 2019: A Letter To The Women Who Made Me
  5. Being More Present: Why I’m Getting Sick of Creating ‘Content’.
katiebwrites, Katie Writes blog,
katiebwrites, Katie Writes blog,

Finally, one thing I’d like to say to you…

THANK YOU! (I know I say this every year, but I mean it every year.)

Thank you for reading my ramblings over the past few years. Thank you for your comments. Your emails. Your kind words. I might well be atrocious at replying most of the time, but make no mistake, it means a lot to someone who tentatively started out writing the odd foundation review to have been supported by some lovely people over the years.

And to still be here five years later, albeit writing a lot less about beauty than I initially did, means the world. This blog has been so important to me through some pretty testing times in life, and I still can’t quite believe it’s been five years.

Honestly, thank you.

Anyway, enough of this patting myself on the back malarkey. I’ll be back with some other, less self-indulgent, posts soon!


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