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Do you remember back in the day on Katie Writes when I’d share something a bit ‘different’ at the weekends? It’d be anything I really felt like writing from: personal posts, to playlists, to occasional round-ups of great blog posts from other bloggers that I felt you might like to read. Basically, a mishmash of ramblings.

Well, I’m going to bring The Weekend Edit back.

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To summarise what is a massively long story: Back in 2016, The Weekend Edit morphed into The Weekend Edition. A side-blog that, well, was a bit of a flop, shall we say? Two friends joined me to write it, and it dwindled along, and then my friends decided that blogging wasn’t for them. I was left on my todd, and I tried my best to make it as easily-distinguishable from this blog as possible, but I never felt like I’d done a good enough job of it. That discouraged me further, and I left it to sit there in its little online home, untouched, for quite a while.

Last month, with the Pipdig debacle as a catalyst (kind of), I had an epiphany and decided to re-brand the blog as Derbyshire Delights. A place to share places and things to do around my beautiful home county. It has a coherent objective, with a clearer direction, and it’s going okay so far!

With that development, The Weekend Edition will be going offline in a couple of months. So it seemed like a good time to ‘go back to my blogging roots’ by resurrecting this series that I started writing all the way back in 2015. (I think?!)

And, with my shiny new design in hand too, I wanted to try a few new (or revive old) things with this blog. After all, we’ve just reached the five year mark (still not quite sure how we’ve made it this far…) and I want to shake things up with Katie Writes.

So, to put it very simply, every weekend I’ll be sharing a post all about my week.

Sometimes it’ll be what I’ve been watching and listening to that week. Sometimes it’ll be blog posts I’ve adored and think you should know about. Sometimes it’ll be a little life update and a mini diary. Basically, kind of what The Weekend Edit used to be, but more comprehensive, and with a bit more meat on the bones. If that makes sense?

Anyway, after that waffling introduction, let’s get started:

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What I did:

Aside from the usual boring routine stuff, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I took my film camera for a little drive around the Derbyshire countryside to take a few shots. It got really misty when we were out, and I’m hoping that it’ll look quite atmospheric when I eventually get the photos developed. (Also hoping that I don’t have my pinky finger over the lens again…)

And, the biggie: I changed blog themes back on Wednesday! So, if you haven’t been around these parts since then, things are definitely looking a lot less pink, aren’t they?

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What I Watched:
  • Flowers (Find series 1 on Netflix and both series over on All4) – Oh my. This dark comedy takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions! I’ve quickly binged my way through the first series, and now I’m one episode into the second series. It was actually broadcast on Channel 4 last year and the first series was on in 2016. It’s quite hard to describe, but it’s got a stellar cast, the writing and directing is phenomenal, and it’s entirely unique. It delves into some really deep, and dark issues, but deals with them with such tenderness. I’ve genuinely never seen anything like it before in my life, and I honestly don’t think I will ever again. (And if that didn’t persuade you, it’s got the Queen – AKA Olivia Colman – in it.)
  • Daniel J Layton (YouTube) – Daniel’s doing VEDJ (Video Every Day June) this year, which I’m thoroughly enjoying so far! If you’re not familiar with him, go and have a gander at his channel.
  • Great British Bake Off (Netflix) – Has anybody else been getting GBBO withdrawal? I know the next series will soon be upon us, but I’ve opted for watching old episodes to get me through the no-GBBO-limbo period.
What I listened to:
  • David Tennant’s Does A Podcast With… Olivia Colman (Listen here) – There appears to be a bit of a theme occurring, doesn’t there? I loved listening to their friendly chat, and found myself laughing out loud like an idiot on quite a few occasions. If you liked Broadchurch, you’ll love this.
  • Full Disclosure with James O’Brien – Steve Coogan (Listen here) – I’ve not entirely finished this podcast (because I was blog writing at the time and the blog went down completely, so I had to yank my earphones out to try and fix things!) but it’s proving a really interesting episode so far. Steve Coogan’s quite a private man, often choosing to hide behind his fantastic Alan Partridge character, so it’s nice to get to know him a little bit better in this interview.
  • Band of Skulls. (Find their new single here) – I saw these guys when they were supporting Muse nearly a DECADE ago! They released a new album back in April, and I’ve only just stumbled across it. Love Is All You Love, their new single, has been on repeat on my iPod a fair bit this week. (Yep, I’ve still got an iPod. Such a granny, aren’t I?)
Articles & Blog Posts That I’ve Loved This Week:

Before I sign off, did you catch this week’s posts? There’s a happy list, one about a special occasion and the other talks you through my current skincare routine! Plus, over on Derbyshire Delights, I’ve been banging on about pizza and chips.

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Re-Introducing… The Weekend Edit