The Weekend Edit: Summer’s Back?

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Hope you’ve had a lovely week! Here’s this week’s edition of The Weekend Edit:

The little weekly diary bit…

After the constant deluge of rain that we’ve had for the last couple of weeks, it was so lovely to see a bit of sunshine again, even though it’s been quite short-lived up to now! (I know I keep saying it, but it really doesn’t feel like Summer, does it?)

I’ve been snapping away on 35mm again, after seeing this sunset and desperately trying to capture it before it disappeared! (Well, you’ve really got to make the most of these brief British Summers, haven’t you?) After that, I fleetingly popped up to Alport afterwards. It’s so lovely and serene up there – provided the boy racers and doggers who’ve made it their nightly hang-out spot haven’t rocked up while you’re there. (Incidentally, I wrote about Alport quite recently on Derbyshire Delights here, by the way. It’s a wholesome post that doesn’t mention the sordid characters, I promise.)

Other than that, I honestly don’t have a lot to update you on… So, let’s move on to some of my top picks from this week!

What I watched this week:

  • Flowers S2 (All4) – You know I raved about this show a couple of weeks ago? Well, I’ve been racing my way through series 2 this week.
  • Men Behaving Badly (Netflix) – It’s (rightly) not really the kind of comedy that you’d be able to make nowadays, but I remember watching this as a kid (yep, a *slightly* questionable decision from my parents there!) and it’s quite comforting to relive those childhood memories by laughing at two outrageously daft characters.

This week I listened to:

  • Your Girlfriend – The boys from Blossoms have released a great new single this week which you should definitely check out! (The video is brilliant too.)
  • Off Menu with Ed Gamble and James Acaster – A funny podcast from two funny guys.
  • The Beat on the Beeb – One of my favourite radio shows, mainly because it’s great for discovering fantastic new music.
  • Vinyl Revival with Stephanie Hirst – Another fantastic radio show that I’m listening to as I write this! (It’s the only British radio programme where all of the songs are played straight from vinyl.)

Some articles and blog posts that I’ve loved this week:

Before I sign off, here’s what you might’ve missed this week on Katie Writes: Firstly, I talked you through what books I’m reading this Summer, and then I shared a nighttime street photography diary.

Have a lovely Sunday!

The Weekend Edit: Summer’s Back?