The Weekend Edit: Cookies & A Playlist For June

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Well, hello there! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend! This weekend, I thought I’d do something a little different, so as well as a little diary update, there’s also going to be a June playlist thrown in for good measure, seeing as it’s the end of the month!

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The little diary bit – Featuring more than one variety of cookie…

You know the other week, I mentioned those cookies? The Jamie Oliver ones? Well I tried to make them again, and this time, I well and truly ballsed them up. (Let’s just say, I’m going to have to postpone my GBBO application for at least another year after this baking setback.)

Not only did the dough fail to be a dough. In fact, it more or less resembled a batter… I also completely forgot to remove the cling film, before placing them in the oven, after they’d been chilling in the fridge. So, if they weren’t entirely inedible before that, they certainly were thanks to that lovely cling film glaze…

What am I like, eh? (An idiot. Don’t worry, you can say it.)

On Friday, I took a load of photos of Cookie (the dog, not the doomed biscuits). He’d just come in from his walkies, and it always cheers me up to see how happy he is when he gets back. Just look at that smile!

Cookie, and the disaster cookies…

Some articles and blog posts that I loved this week!

And finally, here’s the June playlist

Before I sign off, you might’ve missed my post from earlier on in the week about Instagram and why it’s okay if you’re falling out of love with that pesky little app.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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The Weekend Edit: Cookies & A Playlist For June