7 Places Across The UK That I’d Love To Visit This Summer

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Let’s face it, I’m not exactly the most well-travelled of people, am I? So, I thought I’d share a list of places across the UK that I’d love to venture to this Summer. (Provided the great British weather actually plays ball.)


I’ve been meaning to venture up to Leeds for ages. There are loads of places on my ‘must visit’ list up there from: West Yorkshire Cameras, to the Victoria Quarter, to the very pretty looking Corn Exchange.

(I’d even love to visit Thackray Medical Museum but it’s unfortunately shut for a refurbishment right now.)

Leeds sounds like a lovely city that has a lot to offer and I’m yet to experience any of it!

After Insta-stalking WY Cameras on Instagram for ages, it’d be great to finally pop in and *maybe* treat myself to a new film camera while I’m there, if they’ve got something suitable in stock. (Provided I haven’t already blown all my money in Anthropologie beforehand…)


I know you’re probably a bit perplexed as to why I’ve put Bury on the list, but I want to go there for a specific reason: The Victoria Wood Exhibition at Bury Art Museum. I was a huge fan of her work, and I’m still gutted that she’s gone, three years after her death.

If you didn’t already know about this exhibition, it’s free to go to, and it’s been running since last September. It’s running until 7th September this year, so I’ve really got to crack on and get myself up to Bury if I want to catch it before it’s gone! 

They’ve got some fantastic memorabilia on display up there, including costumes and scripts. I’d really kick myself if I missed this.

You can find more about this exhibition here, by the way.

Somewhere Sandy

I did go to Skegness a couple of years back (read about that here) and while it wasn’t the most satisfying of seaside adventures, I’d love to go and trawl a beach somewhere this summer. Living in a land-locked county is all well and good until you want to feel sand beneath your feet (and in-between your toes for days to come).

While I have absolutely no idea which beach I could visit, because none are easily accessible from Derbyshire, I’d love to go somewhere beachy before the Summer’s out. 

Who knows, maybe I’ll end up in Skegness again? And maybe this time it’ll feel a little more lively?


So, it’s not actually that long since I last went to Castleton, is it?

Being a Derbyshire girl means that Castleton is easily one of the most do-able destinations on this list. While I’ve done two out of three caves up there already (it was always an easy and obvious school trip idea for various teachers at school – we literally went there about four times in five years!), there’s more I’d like to explore up there.

It’d be lovely to wander around the village to see the gorgeous sights like Mam Tor (in daylight this time), plus to treat myself to some Blue John jewellery. 

I’d love to wander up to the highly-recommended Grasshopper Cafe in nearby Hope while I’m there too.

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Sheffield, again, isn’t far away from me. It’s less than an hour away from home, but I (shamefully) rarely venture up there. 

Sheffield Botanical Gardens is a place that I stumbled across via Instagram, would you believe? (Sarah from @theegglife took some gorgeous shots of this place a while ago, and it stuck in my head as a place to add to this list.)

Maybe I’ll nip to nearby Eve Kitchen for a doughnut while I’m there too… 


Another lovely Derbyshire destination. Bakewell is a place that I’ve been through many, many times, but one that I’ve never actually stopped off at. (Something that’s pretty outrageous considering that I’m a born and bred Derbyshire lass, isn’t it?)

It’s time to tick this one off my list, at long last – and to stuff my face with a Bakewell Pudding while I’m at it…

You can’t go to Bakewell without sampling the fine homonymous baked goods, after all, can you?


And, last but not least, I’d quite like to pop back down to the capital! It’s been quite a while since I last ventured down to London, hasn’t it?

It’d be lovely to nip to the West End and see a show, or perhaps explore a museum or two while I’m down there! (Maybe I’ll even have chance to pop in for tea with the Queen? Unlikely, eh?)

While we’re on the subject of theatre: Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is definitely on my must-see list, but whether I’ll catch it in the West End, or have to wait until it tours next year remains to be seen – whatever the plan is, it’d be lovely to spend a day down in that bustling city again!

What places are you aiming to visit this Summer?

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7 Places Across The UK That I’d Love To Visit This Summer