The Weekend Edit: A Postcard From Castleton

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Hope you’ve had a lovely week! Here’s what I’ve been up to…

The Little Diary Bit: A Snap Happy Week

I’ve been taking A LOT of photos this week, more so than I have done in months! There’ve been three different expeditions with my camera this week alone, so I *think* I might be getting my photography mojo back. I hope.

On Wednesday I travelled around taking some photos in golden hour of a few pretty little villages in Derbyshire that are dotted around my hometown. It was quiet, and quaint, and lovely.

There’ll be a photo diary from that up on Tuesday! So, if that sounds like your cup of tea, make sure you pop back for that.

And on Friday, I travelled up to Castleton with my Mum and Dad. You might remember that it was one of the places on my travel wish list for this Summer, and I’m pleased to have ticked it off already!

I even treated myself to some Blue John jewellery, which you can see below. (Well, being a Derbyshire lass, I’ve got to have a Blue John trinket, haven’t I?)

We wandered around there for a couple of hours, with plenty of stops for photo opportunities, and then we nipped to one of the pubs along the main road for some much-needed refreshments, because it was really warm!

I took loads of photos on my camera, which I edited on Friday night (yeah, I know how to party) and I’m hoping to make a photo diary of those for Thursday next week too.

In the meantime, I’ve shared some of the Huji-Cam-ified phone snaps that I took along the way below:

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What I Watched This Week:

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Before I sign off, did you catch this week’s posts? Firstly, I shared my Summer UK travel wish list, and then I took you through my top 5 distractions and talked about how I deal with them.

Have a lovely Sunday!

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The Weekend Edit: A Postcard From Castleton