The Healing Power of Nature

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Excuse the naff title of this blog post, but I’m just getting over a three day migraine which has rendered my mind a little bit mushy, to say the least.

It means that the post that I was planning on publishing today isn’t finished. So, in its place, I thought I’d share three snaps that I took over the weekend.

I’ve been experimenting with that zoom lens again, and I’m pretty happy with the results. It’s amazing how fancy it makes a few strands of grass and some ferns look. When in reality, I was sat there with a pair of sunglasses on, even when it was starting to get dark (thanks migraine), parked in a lay-by at the side of the road in the rural outskirts of my hometown.

It wasn’t atmospheric or ethereal in the slightest. Nowhere near as much as that lens would have you believe, anyway. 

That little trip out to the countryside, and the photos it produced, was the only thing that brightened up my weekend, in all honesty. Getting the effect that I was looking for, thanks to that lens, was what I needed to buoy me up after two days (up to then) of feeling under the weather.

They’re not even the best of photos, but just allowing myself to be creative – even if it was momentarily – helped to perk me up. 

And being in nature, even if you’re only experiencing it from a lay-by whilst you’re still sat in a car, is also a great healer.

The peacefulness, the stillness, the calm – it all helps to uplift you when you’re not yourself.

Anyway, I’ll shut up and put this this weird sentimental ramble to an end… I’ll be back with another (slightly less odd) post soon! 

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