Petite Joys #21 – Little Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

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Well, hello there! Hope you’ve had a lovely week!

Sorry that I haven’t published a single post in the last seven days. I’ve had another unintentional blogging break – blame the weather for melting my mind – but, I’m back with a little list of things that’ve put a smile on my face over the last week, accompanied by a (sort of) photo diary.

  • Going to the theatre! As I write this, I’ve literally just got back from seeing Educating Rita at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre. It was wonderful to see a great play that I’ve never seen before, in a genuinely lovely theatre that I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting before.
  • Taking another little blogging break. I think it’s just what I needed, to be honest.
  • Haircut! If you follow me on Instagram, you might’ve seen the story I put up on Tuesday about having half of my hair lopped off. In fact, it was probably more than half! I went from waist-length to collarbone-length tresses in one fell swoop, and I can’t tell you how much better it feels! I hadn’t had my hair cut for nearly two years, so it was SO ready to be snipped.
  • Ice cream. Unless you’ve been living in an air-conditioned cave or something, you can’t have missed the unbearable heatwave that we’ve had this week. I’m really not one who thrives in hot climes, so ice cream, heaps of water, and icy cold showers are about the only things that have stopped me from melting into a puddle of liquid human of late…
  • IKEA. I bloomin’ love a good trip to IKEA. I ventured up there after my haircut – mainly for the air con to be honest – because a blow-dry followed by straightening in 30-degree heat is frankly horrific… I came away with two mugs that I definitely didn’t need and a succulent to replace the one that I somehow managed to kill a while back. (It’s a miracle I was so restrained, to be fair. I normally come away with more unneeded stuff than that – like a spare bookcase or a corner sofa or something.)
  • Evening countryside drives! One of my ultimate favourite things about Summer is getting to go out on countryside drives on these balmy evenings. Call me a bumpkin if you like, but there’s nothing quite like watching that magical golden hour light hitting the tops of hills that stretch for as far as the eye can see. It genuinely makes me feel so calm and content.
  • Curling up with my Kindle. An upside (for me, not you, sorry) of spending less time in the evenings tethered to my desk writing blog posts is that I’ve been making more time for reading this week. I’m currently powering through How to Survive the End of the World (When It’s In Your Own Head) by Aaron Gillies aka Technically Ron off Twitter.
  • Thunderbolt and lightning. (Very, very frightening me.) We’ve had not one, but two, big storms this week over pretty little Derbyshire. We don’t normally get them very often at all, so it’s quite a spectacular delight to be able to watch two of them in such a short space of time looming over the hills like that. The first storm had me excitingly setting up my camera on a tripod and recording the flashes and rumbles roaring through the sky for two and a half hours, whereas the second one had me rolling my eyes and wondering why the thunder kept choosing 3am as its prime time to become active. But, you know, it was some excitement, wasn’t it?

What’s put a smile on your face this week?

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