Life Lately: August

An update that literally nobody asked for!

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I’m back! Let’s have a little catch-up, shall we? Grab a cuppa and come on in…

Notice anything different?

Yep, I’ve had yet another blog redesign… I know, I know, three in the four months since the Pipdig scandal is a bit far-fetched, but I think it’s starting to fall into place now. (I really hope so, I don’t think I can put myself through the stress of another until about 2022…)

I also overhauled Derbyshire Delights in August too! So, while I haven’t been publishing new posts, rest assured that I’ve been working away behind the scenes recently. (Read: tethered to my desk, pulling my hair out because I can’t get the menus to work properly, and other such related technical woes.)


I turned 28 at the start of August. (I’m getting really old, I know.)

On the day, I travelled up to York with my Mum and Dad, and they very kindly treated me to afternoon tea at Bettys again!

We came home quite early, though, because it was SO hot. Unbearably so. After leaving Bettys, we opted to walk around the city centre, like usual, but we were so mithered. It was just too hot and muggy, so after that walk around, we grabbed a coffee and then hopped back in the car home.

As I said I was going to, I took my film camera only. I actually did it! I left both my mirrorless camera and DSLR at home! (I honestly had to restrain myself from throwing that Canon M10 in my bag at the last minute, but I coped without it.)

I shot a few photos on my phone too, but tried not to go overboard for once. I’ll probably pop a few up in a little photo diary soon, and I’ll definitely do a 35mm diary of the day when I get round to getting the film developed. (It might take a while because my nearest developers are an hour away, so I have to take the time out to make a special journey.)

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Slow blogging: A new approach?

I’ve been writing a post over the past few days about slow blogging. You’ll get to see the post in the next week or so, if I can get my bum in gear, but I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on whether you prefer quantity or quality from bloggers?

In around May/June this year, I decided to try and put a focus on quantity over quality and see what happened. So, instead of one or two posts a week, I aimed for three, sometimes four posts a week. Plus writing the odd post for Derbyshire Delights too. After a few weeks of hitting a stride and feeling productive and creative, I hit that dreaded wall of demotivation and things became quite difficult. I felt so uninspired and started to resent the blog again. That’s why I ended up taking most of August off, to try and re-motivate (definitely not a word) myself and get things back on track.

It has left me thinking, though, that I need to establish greater boundaries with blogging. It isn’t my job, and so I shouldn’t run myself into the ground over it or worry too much about it. If a new post idea doesn’t spring to mind, or if I’m feeling particularly muddy-headed and can’t produce anything without resenting the blog so much that I consider shutting the whole thing down, then it really isn’t the end of the world, is it?

I feel as though focussing on fewer posts that are of better quality (by my standards) is the right way forward. Even though traffic over the last three months has been the best it’s been for ages, it wasn’t particularly great for me to push it so hard I felt I needed to take a month off.

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Cosmic 35: New film camera

Rather excitingly, I got another film camera for my birthday!

The Cosmic 35 is an old Soviet film camera from the 60s or early 70s. It’s quite hard to believe that something so old has survived all of that time in almost pristine condition. Its leather case is still in perfect condition too! Whoever owned it before me really looked after it.

My parents found it on eBay, and sternly told me not to look and see how much it was, telling me it was ‘dead expensive’, so I’ve duly refrained from having a nosy…

It’s my third film camera now, to go along with my Canon 500 and my Olympus Trip MD3. But the Cosmic 35 is the only one that’s fully manual; you even have to wind the film along yourself! So, I’m yet to give it a whirl because I’m terrified of messing up and also because I haven’t done anything worthy of snapping on film since my birthday itself. (I didn’t fancy taking that to York as I didn’t want to break it or get mugged for it by some Soviet-film-camera-loving-mugger!)

I’ve been writing a post all about my camera kit for months now. (Honestly, I started it in October last year, took the photos in December and then lost them for months… They turned up a few weeks ago, and so I got to work on finishing the post.) So, it’ll definitely get a little mention and you’ll be able to see what it looks like in there under the film camera section!

So, that’s pretty much everything I’ve got to tell! How was your August?

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