3 Blog Posts That You Should Read This Weekend

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Well, hello there! For this week’s The Weekend Edit, I thought I’d do an old-school kind of blog post, and share some links to posts I’ve read from other bloggers that are definitely worth a read (if you haven’t already pored over them!)

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Trancoso – Wish Wish Wish

I love Carrie’s blog, so it’s always a lovely treat when she publishes a new post. Her stunning photography always gives me a bad case of wanderlust; and this post about this pretty town in Brazil is no different!

Find it here!
You Can Go Your Own Way – Learning To Say No – Sophia Rosemary

This post is aimed at those of us in our late twenties/early thirties, and it’s all about doing things your way. It’s definitely something I needed to hear, having just turned 28.

It’s something that I’ve been trying to write about for ages too; chipping away at a post about the expectations of myself that I’m attempting to shun. Basically, I’ve spent months trying (and failing miserably) to articulate what Sophia Rosemary’s said in this blog post!

Definitely give this one a read if you’re feeling pressure to be something or someone that you’re not or if you’re feeling pressured into moving at a pace in life that you’re not comfortable with.

Click here to read this post.
#UndesirablesofInstagram: Why Is Instagram Hiding Skin Conditions? – Talonted Lex

If you haven’t stumbled across Lex’s blog before, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do! She’s a blogger who talks a lot about living with rosacea, and continually raises awareness of those of us who live with skin conditions.

When she tried to promote one of her Instagram photos last week for an upcoming art exhibition that she’s featured in, the request was rejected by Instagram on the grounds that her bare face was ‘undesirable’. Their rules actually state that skin conditions like rosacea, acne, eczema, psorasis, amongst others, are ‘undesirable’. (I mean, wth?!) People with skin conditions aren’t getting the representation that they need because it isn’t attractive enough to advertise. As someone who suffers from cystic acne and facial eczema too, this revelation most certainly irks and worries me in equal measure.

Find that post here. 

It’s getting increasingly hard to do these posts, because there are so few bloggers (in my little blogging bubble, anyway) that are publishing new blog posts on a regular basis. Even the good ol’ reliable, professional bloggers who do this stuff for a living are getting a bit lax when it comes to regularly publishing blog content. So, if you know of any good bloggers that I’m missing out on, please send some recommendations my way!

What’s the best blog post you’ve read recently?

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3 Blog Posts That You Should Read This Weekend