An Autumn 2019 To-Do List

How I'm falling for Autumn

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What’s on my to-do list this Autumn? Find out in this Autumnal goals* post!

*Definitely not a thing, but please just humour me.

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I know, I know, I’m really quite behind with this, aren’t I? Things’ve been a little hectic behind the scenes, so I’ve struggled to find the time (or words) to sit down and write a blog post that’s worthy of publication for nearly a month now. But, better late than never, here’s my (slightly belated) to-do list for Autumn 2019.

(While you’re here, you can catch up on last year’s one here if you fancy it!)

My Autumn To-Do List

Go pumpkin picking!

Pumpkin picking is something I’ve genuinely never done. I put it on last year’s list and never got round to it. I’ve never tried pumpkin carving either, and I don’t think I’ve ever even tried eating pumpkin. Frankly, I’ve lived a sheltered life pumpkin-wise, haven’t I?

Last year I found out that there’s a farm relatively near me that’s started growing pumpkins, so it’s definitely on my list to nip up there* and probably pick a pumpkin or two.

(*If only for a basic blogger snap of the pumpkins nestled in the field…)

See Matlock Bath illuminations

In case you don’t know what Matlock Bath illuminations are, and chances are you won’t if you’re reading this outside Derbyshire, Matlock Bath is a village in the county that celebrates the Autumn season with the illuminations. The villagers build boats and cover them in lights before sailing them down the River Derwent in front of an awestruck audience. It’s a tradition that dates back to 1897, and even though I’m a Derbyshire lass born and bred, I’ve never actually been to see them before!

(I’ll probably put a few highlights on my Instagram Stories when I do go, if you fancy seeing a little more, and I might even write a post about it for Derbyshire Delights.)

Get some snaps of the leaves

Is it just me, or does it seem like Autumn’s a bit behind this year? I swear the trees are normally brown or bare by now, but most of them round my way are still pretty green! So, when the trees eventually fall into Autumnal colours, I want to make the most of capturing those gorgeous oranges, reds, and browns.

Granted, I managed to pick up those two beautifully red leaves (pictured) the other day whilst taking Cookie for a walk, but they dried and curled up way quicker than I expected, so I totally failed to capture them in all their glory. Oops.

Catch up on TV

Your granny here is always really behind the times when it comes to whatever’s popular on Netflix (or elsewhere), so it’d be quite nice to actually get around to watching those shows that people were raving about five years ago. Those cold, dark and ever-lengthening evenings are the perfect time to curl up with a boxset, after all.

(I still haven’t seen Game of Thrones, Fleabag or Stranger Things, amongst many others. Where on Earth do I start?!)

What’re your plans for this Autumn?

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An Autumn 2019 To-Do List