iPhone Photo Diary: My Birthday In York

Phone shots from a trip to a beautiful city.

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You might remember back at the start of August that I vowed not to take my camera out on my birthday trip to York? (Catch up on why here, if you missed it!) Well, I actually managed to refrain from taking a digital camera out, with the exception of my phone.

I allowed myself to take a few iPhone shots throughout the day, and even managed not to get carried away with it. (Uncharacteristically, so.)

So, here are a few of those shots. Enjoy!

York Photo Diary:

Afternoon Tea at Bettys, York (Again)

You can find out what the afternoon tea is like in more detail from this post from last year, or even this post from 2016… But, needless to say, we went to Bettys again for afternoon tea. (I’m really very spoiled, aren’t I?)

The lovely people there gave me a cute little fondant fancy in a special centenary box, after finding out it was my birthday when they seated us at our table. How lovely is that?

We all left loads, because we were so full. How on Earth are such dainty sandwiches, scones, and cakes so filling? It never ceases to amaze me how full up I feel after afternoon tea!

Wandering around York

After we left Bettys, we did the usual touristy stuff: Wandered up to the Minster and gazed up at it in all its glory, walked around the shopping streets (and surprisingly came away empty handed!) and then guzzled a coffee before tackling the tourist hotspot that is The Shambles. (You know? That one street you’ve seen umpteen times on Instagram? And not just from me…)

All in all, we left York a little bit earlier than we’d have liked. Firstly, it was unbearably muggy, which left us all so mithered. And secondly, there were a ton of hen parties that seemed to descend on the city centre really quite early on, and they were SO rowdy that it was ruining it for everyone else. (Your granny here has no problem with hens, by the way, I just don’t want to be surrounded by heaps of loud people screaming in my ear whilst simultaneously jostling with me on the pavements as they rush to get to the best bars.)

I’m eager to go back to York soon, though! (When it’s quieter!) And I will be taking my camera this time.

Have you ever been to York?

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iPhone Photo Diary: My Birthday In York