Photo Diary: An Autumnal Afternoon in the Peak District

Back to comely Castleton!

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It was only July since I last ventured up to the beautiful Peak District village of Castleton, but I couldn’t resist spending a quiet Tuesday afternoon wandering around the (almost deserted) Derbyshire destination with my camera in hand.

An Afternoon in Castleton – with a pit stop in Hassop too!

Even though I’m a Derbyshire lass, Castleton is still just over an hour away from home in the car. When I venture up there, it always makes for a lovely, serene day out. This time, we made a quick stop at Hassop too…

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The Old Eyre Arms, Hassop

You might’ve seen this beautiful pub popping up in your Instagram feed? I know I have, and I was desperate to find out where it was. Turns out, it’s The Old Eyre Arms in Hassop. Hassop’s a lovely little village just outside Bakewell.

The Old Eyre Arms itself has it’s been around since 1753, apparently! It’s actually along the road to Castleton, so I always try and grab a cheeky little snap in passing.

I’ve been past a few times and I’ve never seen it in all its stunning Autumnal glory – until now. The colours are beautiful! (It’s a shame I live too far away to be a local there, or else I’m sure you’d see it on my Instagram feed quite regularly!)

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If you’re a regular reader, you’ll know that I love a good trip up to Castleton. It’s another beautiful village in the Peak District, and it’s VERY popular with tourists. Thankfully for me, the Tuesday afternoon that I visited was incredibly quiet, so I could snap away to my heart’s content without having to dodge other visitors!

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I got quite snap happy, as you’re about to see. While we didn’t do anything other than have a good wander around, it was still a lovely afternoon out.

There’s plenty to do up in Castleton, though: going down the caves, climbing up Mam Tor, having a wander up to Peveril Castle, walking along Peakshole Water, buying yourself some Blue John jewellery, or even filling up on coffee and cake in one of the many cafes.

Anyway, I’ll shut up and let the photos do the rest of the talking. Enjoy!

Have you ever been to Castleton before?

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Photo Diary: An Autumnal Afternoon in the Peak District