Life Lately: Autumn 2019

A little update (that nobody asked for)...

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It’s been a while since I last did a little life update, isn’t it? August, in fact! So, please humour me while I waffle on about a few of the things that’ve been happening lately…

The worst insomnia…

You might’ve noticed that I pushed out a handful of blog posts a week, consistently, for a little while and then I disappeared for nearly a month? (Don’t worry, I know you probably haven’t noticed. I know no-one really cares, but humour me here.) That’s because I’m suffering from really quite bad insomnia at the moment. I’ve always slept badly, but lately, it’s been next level sleeplessness.

One Saturday night (well morning, actually) the other week, it took me eight hours to fall asleep properly. EIGHT. HOURS*. If I do manage to fall asleep quite quickly, I’m often waking up very soon after dozing off, leaving me wide awake for hours. And this happens all through the night. As soon as I drop off, I wake straight back up again. It’s infuriating.

*(And that was after a nice warm bath with magnesium bath salts, by the way.)

It’s really messing with my routine and life at the minute. So, I’ve had to resort to desperate measures. In my insomnia armoury I now have: a different kind of magnesium bath salts to the ones I normally use (ones that are specially designed for inducing sleepiness), some liquid Nytol (because I really struggle to swallow tablets so sleeping pills would be tricky…), and some really rather fetching Deirdre Rachid-esque blue light blocking glasses (pictured above – £9.99 from Amazon – a bargain if they do the trick!)

Have you ever had insomnia before? How did you get over it?

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New Fitbit.

This is kind of related to the last point, to be honest. As an early Christmas present, I’ve got a new Fitbit, two years after my ill-fated Alta fell apart. (It was thirty quid off in the Black Friday sales!)

It’s mainly because I really want to wear myself out, and I desperately want to make sure that I’m active enough to actually do that. So, I’m now the owner of an Inspire. I need a good kick up the bum from a piece of metal on my wrist once again, I think.

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Christmas markets!

You know me, I love a good Christmas market to get myself in the festive mood; so I went for a quick wander around Nottingham Winter Wonderland over the weekend.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not really feeling particularly festive this year. I put one of the Christmas pop-up radio stations on at the start of November when it first went on air, but I only lasted a few hours before I got fed up and retuned to an ordinary station. So, I’m hoping that one or two Christmas market visits will get me in the festive mood good and proper! (Because I’m normally like giddy five year old at this time of year, so to be utterly uninterested in it really isn’t like me.)

I’ll probably conjure up a photo diary of one of my trips, like usual! But, in the meantime, here are some of the phone snaps I took on my trip to Notts. I took my camera with me, with the intention of doing a photo diary at the weekend, but it was SO busy that I didn’t really fancy whipping my mirrorless out of my handbag in front of crowds of people, many of whom were very merry indeed…

Clear out.

Am I the only one who likes to have a good clear out before Christmas? I’ve been going through drawers and finding loads of stuff I forgot I had, like: old diaries (my favourite entry is from May 2003: “Fell over a rock today…” one for the memoir…), drawings I did as a kid, and even old polaroid snaps I took when I was about 10 or 11! (If anything it’s made me come to the conclusion that I was an even stranger child than I ever realised.)

I’ve also completely overhauled my bookcase. I took everything off it, cleaned it down so it was sparkling once again and then put my books back on, but tried to colour-code them this time so it looks very aesthetically-pleasing…

Next up is my desk. As I sit at it to write this, I’ve got to admit that it’s an absolute shambles. The drawers are practically overflowing with stationery and papers and the desktop itself is brimming with stuff. (I can genuinely see six full-up memory cards as I scan the area near my keyboard.)

How do you organise your desk? (Is that genuinely the dullest question I’ve ever asked? Answers on a postcard, please.)

What’ve you been up to lately?

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Life Lately: Autumn 2019