Last-Minute Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Present ideas that won't break the bank.

Christmas is almost upon us, and if you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet. So, if you’re struggling for ideas, here are a few affordable Christmas gift ideas for that someone special in your life. (Because we’re not all made of money, are we?) Hope you find this post useful!

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Affordable Beauty Christmas Gift Ideas

Face Steamer

I’ve had one of these since last year, and it’s one of the best beauty purchases I’ve ever made! It might be no-frills compared to other face steamers available on the market, but it does its job beautifully, and the best bit? It’s under twenty quid!

What’s it for? Making your skin look more radiant. Clearing it out. Improving your complexion. It’s a great product that I’m sure the beauty lover in your life would adore! I credit this with reducing facial eczema right down and helping with my cystic acne too.

It’s a bit left-field as Christmas gift ideas go, but it is a wonderful product. Find it on the Argos website here*.

Lacura Skincare Range

I’ve talked about Aldi’s Lacura skincare range a couple of times before, but there’s a good reason for that. They often produce stellar dupes of much more expensive skincare products at a bargain price tag.

At the moment, there’s the Hot Cloth Cleanser Gift Set (the perfect Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish dupe, by the way), the Luxury Mini Perfume Gift Set (which would appear to be a Jo Malone dead-ringer), the Luxury Mini Hand Cream Gift Set, or if you’ve got a little more money to spend: The Pamper Hamper.

Beauty books

You could always pick up a beauty-related book for the beauty lover in your life. There are plenty out there like: Face Paint: The Story of Makeup* by Lisa Eldridge, Face* by Pixiwoo, Pretty Honest* by Sali Hughes, or even The Skincare Bible* by Dr Anjali Mahto.

Bath Salts

Perfect for the insomniac in your life.

Bath salts are a lovely little stocking filler for the self-care lover, or insomniac, in your life. There’s recently been quite a surge in the number of affordable bath salts available on the market. Westlab* are some of the best I’ve found for insomnia in particular, as they’re packed with magnesium. Radox has also brought out a new range this year too, which are currently half price (£2.49) at Boots*.

Light up mirror

I’ve got two of these things, and they make my life so much easier at this time of year! I’ve got a full-sized one and a pocket one that lives in my handbag. They enable you to do your makeup properly in the dark. A gamechanger, honestly.

The full-sized one costs just under £20 from Argos and comes with a small magnifying mirror too. The smaller mirror (seen recently in my latest post!) is one that I bought a couple of years ago from Amazon, and unfortunately, it’s no longer available. A similar one can be found for £14.99*, though.

Christmas Gift Ideas, Inspiration, Present Ideas, Last minute present ideas, Christmas 2019 presents, last minute,

Other Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas

Cake from Bettys

It’s no secret that I love a trip to Bettys for afternoon tea, but did you know that they also deliver cake to your house? (You’re welcome.)

They’re doing special Christmas gift boxes, which would make a lovely present for someone. The cheapest is the tea and biscuits gift bag, which is £9.95. There’s also a Christmas Delights gift box which is £20.

Bettys do amazing biscuits (my personal faves are the chocolate shortbread!), cakes, and even lovely tea in quaint boxes.

It’s not the cheapest, granted, but their lovely cakes, biscuits and other bits and bobs make gorgeous gifts for someone special.

Emma Bridgewater Mug

Who doesn’t love a pretty Emma Bridgewater mug?

You could pick up a special Christmassy offering, or go for one of the popular designs like blue stars or pink hearts. While it’s now too late to pick up a personalised order from the store, the deadline for non-personalised items is 2pm today. So if you think that someone special in your life would love an Emma Bridgewater mug, get your skates on!

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Film camera

35mm film is having a lovely little resurgence at the moment. I’ve got a few film cameras and the easiest to play around with is my Olympus Trip MD3. It cost £14.99 from London Camera Exchange.

There are some great models out there in the point-and-shoot arena that don’t cost the earth, like: the Pentax Espio, the aforementioned Olympus, or one of the Canon Sure Shot range. There are even novel options like this affordable 4 lens LOMO camera!

You can pick them up on eBay, from LCE, stores on Depop like this one, or even dedicated film camera shops like West Yorkshire Cameras.

Insulated water bottle

With more focus than ever before on environmental issues and plastic use, a re-useable and sturdy water bottle can make a great present.

I invested in a Chilly’s bottle earlier this year and I love it. There are, however, much cheaper alternatives if you’re on a tight budget this Christmas. Aldi is currently selling their own bottles for £3.99! Plus there are cheaper alternatives, most of them under £10, on Amazon too*.

Here are a few other present ideas that you might like*:

Have you finished all of your Christmas shopping yet? Or have you barely started?

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Last-Minute Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas