2019 Round-Up: Your Favourite Posts on Katie Writes This Year

Sharing the posts that you've loved the most in 2019.

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Well, hello there! I hope you had a really, really lovely Christmas. Before I sign off for a little New Year break, I thought I’d do the same as last year and share the top ten posts on Katie Writes from this year. I’m also planning on being a bit self-indulgent too, by sharing my favourite blog posts to write throughout 2019 as well!

The photos scattered through this post are various snapshots that I’ve taken throughout the year! Enjoy…

Your favourite blog posts of 2019 on Katie Writes:

1.) An Autumn 2019 To-Do List

First up on the list is my Autumnal to-do list. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little surprised it was quite as popular as it was, but I’m glad you clearly enjoyed reading it!

2.) The Importance of Printing Your Photos

The second most popular post throughout 2019 was a bit of a personal one, featuring old film photos of my family that I’d never seen before and how discovering them made me realise the importance of printing off the photos I take now.

3.) Why I’m Opting To Leave My Camera At Home On My Birthday

Again, another surprising one for me was the fact that this post was number three on the list! The title’s quite self-explanatory, but this ramble featured my reasoning for leaving my digital cameras at home on my birthday and only shooting on film and my iPhone. (Spoiler: it’s because I get so carried away with shooting digitally that I forget to live in the moment!)

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4.) A New Look & Being Wrapped Up In a Lot of Internet Controversy

Fourth on the list was my first blog post after the Pipdig scandal back at the start of April. (I’m still not over it if we’re being honest.) I still get a fair few people reading this post after googling Pipdig, even now. It offers a bit of advice for anyone who’s still got a Pipdig design on their blog, plus there’s a list of resources too, so that you can find out more – from people who actually know what they’re talking about!

5.) An Afternoon in the Peak District

Fifth on the list was the first of two photo diaries from the beautiful Peak District village of Castleton. This one was shot in July – the latter one a more Autumnal offering from October. I really love doing these photo diaries, and I’m so glad that you liked this post as much as I enjoyed putting it together!

6.) Life Lately: August

Number six on the list is a life lately diary post, talking about what I got up to during my August blogging break. (Spoiler: I did a complete re-design of the blog, so it wasn’t really a break, was it? Ha.)

7.) A Playlist from Summer

Coming in at number 7 is my playlist from Summer 2019, featuring songs that I either loved listening to again or discovered over the course of this Summer. (I’m also quite surprised at this, to be honest, because while I enjoy doing them, playlists tend to flop.)

8.) IWD 2019: A Letter to the Women Who Made Me

Eighth on the list is one of my favourite posts to write this year, if not the favourite. It’s a basic letter to the three women who I credit with making me the woman I am today, published on International Women’s Day. I’m glad it clearly resonated with you too!

9.) Petite Joys #21 – Little Things That Have Made Me Happy This Week

At number nine is one of my many happy lists. This one from July features a trip to the theatre, a wander around IKEA, and having half of my mop chopped off!

10.) iPhone Photo Diary: An Afternoon in Manchester

And, last but not least, was my iPhone photo diary from that time back in February when I had to go to Manchester to get my iMac fixed. (Yeah, I somehow dragged an entire blog post out of it. Don’t ask me how.)

My favourite blog posts to write in 2019:

Before I go, I’d just like to thank you so much for reading this year! It means so much to me – honestly more than you’ll ever know – that you keep coming back and reading my rambles. In 2020, things are going to change around here – more on that in a few days – and I hope that, despite that, you’ll come back and read what I’ve got to say over the next twelve months.

Have a wonderful New Year!


Merry Christmas!
2019 Round-Up: Your Favourite Posts on Katie Writes This Year