What’s In Store For Katie Writes In 2020?

Big changes are afoot...

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Well, hello there! Happy New Year, I guess? It’s been quite a lot longer than I anticipated, due to being ill and some other bad stuff (just like last year!) going on to start my year off, but better late than never, right? I honestly didn’t expect to be quite this late to blogging this year, but here we are, sometimes life has a habit of getting in the way, doesn’t it?

There’ve been a few things I’ve been meaning to say for quite a while now, but I’ve never been able to articulate them properly. (I’m aware that that sentence makes it sound like I’m trying to break up with you. Don’t worry, I’m not.)

Over the past few months, I’ve written a few posts to try and say what’s on my mind, but keep failing miserably and chickening out before leaving said posts sitting in my drafts to gather dust.

It’s about time I got it all off my chest. (I can practically hear you screaming at the screen ‘Just spit it out, Katie!’)


This year I want to switch things up a bit. I don’t think blogging in the way I’ve been blogging over the past two or three years is honestly working for me. I take it far too seriously, and it makes me resent blogging at regular intervals each year, which isn’t ideal, is it?

Far fewer people read this blog than they used to (hi if you’re one of the last still standing!), as is seemingly typical with blogs in general. And when you find yourself blogging more than the ‘proper’ bloggers who actually do this thing for a living, it’s time to reassess how much of a blogoholic you actually are.

With lots of bad things happening last year, blog-wise, it’s left me feeling more jaded than usual. (Pipdig followed by plagiarism and perverts.)

I did contemplate taking an extended break, but I knew I’d be itching to bore you with my ramblings within days of announcing such a move. I considered quitting altogether, but that felt rather dramatic and drastic and I honestly felt a bit sad that five years of hard work would be fizzling out with a frankly pathetic whimper, rather than the bang (or lovely positive note) that I’d always imagined.

So, the changes that are coming up are a compromise. I don’t shut up completely (you have my deepest apologies) but it’s less time-consuming, and frankly, all-consuming, to be honest – I hope!

‘What are you on about, Katie, honestly?’

Around here, I’m switching to slow blogging. (Well, even slower blogging than usual…)

Instead of pushing out two or three weekly posts (sometimes more), there’ll be roughly one instead.

This gives me more time to try and enjoy my life, away from my desk, and to do other things that I’d like to do. For instance, while I’ve been away from blogging, I’ve read one book each week so far this year. More than I’ve read in a long time! It’s been lovely.

I’m also hoping that doing things this way’ll mean that I don’t suffer from blogging burnout on a regular basis, so I’ll stop disappearing every couple of months!

And when you find yourself blogging more than the ‘proper’ bloggers who actually do this thing for a living, it’s time to reassess how much of a blogoholic you actually are.

More beauty content. Less lifestyle.

I don’t really feel very comfortable writing about myself anymore. With the rise of ‘gossip sites’ designed to tear anyone and everyone apart, with blog perverts searching through your online knicker drawer for their kicks, and with cyberstalkers creeping about piecing together information on you, I honestly feel less inclined to be open on this little online space than ever before.

This internal tug of war between privacy and relatability has made blogging feel like a chore. A virtual millstone around my neck where I feel like I have to be vaguely open about my life so that I’m a smidge ‘relatable’ to you, but where I don’t really want to share very much because I know how easily that information can fall into the wrong hands, and where it can lead to.

I value my privacy a lot more these days, and while this blog still has a place in my heart, I feel that privacy takes precedence over sharing all of my life online.

And I know I’ve never been a ‘bare all’ kind of blogger anyway. I’ve always held quite a bit back. That’s probably one of the biggest reasons that I’ve never had heaps of success. (It’s a price worth paying, honestly.)

So, if I’m predominantly writing about makeup and skincare, I don’t really have to talk about myself all that much, do I?

I’d love to focus on affordable beauty from now on (having renamed my old ‘Bargain Beauty’ series to ‘The Frugal Beauty Edit‘ because it sounds posher, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it isn’t really.)

Another thing I’d like to concentrate on – without banging on about myself too much – is money. Specifically, how to be better with it – from someone who’s been far from great with it over the last few years. Consider me a recovering overspender who’s trying to share her secrets with you on how to come to your senses and get yourself on the road to financial sensibility.

‘What about the other stuff, though?’

Let’s think of this as ‘streamlining content’. No more blogging stuff. No more photo diaries. Far fewer lifestyle ramblings.

I’ve started a new blog for my photography posts. They’ve never really fitted in here, have they? So, I started a new blog for them…

…Yeah, now I’ve only gone and landed myself with three blogs to run. (Slow clap for Katie, please.)

It’s called 35mm Diaries (after the original film photo series on this blog) and you can find it here.

This decision is something that I mulled over for a few months.

I really love putting photo diaries together, but they never perform very well, so I always felt conflicted about publishing them. I honestly love doing them, but if no-one wants to read them here, what’s the point?

I didn’t want to give them up completely, so it felt like the most appropriate thing to give them a new home. (I also feel like it allows me to get a bit nerdier about photography, which is something I refrain from doing around here in case it’s quite off-putting!)

I’m not concentrating on enjoying it, I’m concentrating on trying to make it ‘work’. And when it doesn’t work, I beat myself up and it discourages me…

‘What on earth are you playing at?’

Honestly? No idea. (Genuinely the story of my life.)

Yes, it seems a bit daft to moan about blogging too much, and wanting to write less but then starting another blog so that you have three to run, doesn’t it?

There’s this blog. There’s Derbyshire Delights. And now there’s 35mm Diaries too. That’s a fair amount of blogging plates for one person to single-handedly spin, isn’t it?

However, my loose plan – and it is incredibly loose (I haven’t even done an editorial calendar in Google Calendar like usual! Check me out with my uncharacteristic spontaneity!) – is to write a post each week for Katie Writes, provided I have something semi-decent to write about, and then over on Derbyshire Delights and 35mm Diaries, to write whenever I feel like it.

I feel less pressure with regards to the other blogs. Katie Writes, for some strange reason, has been demanding since I moved to WordPress in 2017. (Or at least it’s felt that way.) Elsewhere, there’s none of that pressure. I’m calm about the fact that the other blogs don’t ‘do well’. It’s no skin off my nose because they’re enjoyable hobby blogs, but this corner of the Internet feels like it should always be doing better than it is.

And therein lies the problem, I think. I’m not concentrating on enjoying it, I’m concentrating on trying to make it ‘work’. And when it doesn’t work, I beat myself up and it discourages me from continuing.

That’s my blogging resolution for 2020: To enjoy writing on this blog once again.

Thanks for reading, if you got this far. I’m just going to throw a vaguely related question out there to you because I’m interested to know what you think.

Where do you feel the future of blogging lies?

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