May Goals

Always creating unattainable goals, even when the entire world's in disarray...

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Well, hello there. I should probably start off with an apology for disappearing for over a month, shouldn’t I? I didn’t mean to disappear off the face of the earth for quite so long, but with the current situation taking up a lot of my headspace lately, I didn’t really feel much like writing blog posts.

Anyway, I’m back now, and what better way to ease myself back into the swing of things than by sharing some simple monthly goals for May?

Get back into reading

As I’ve mentioned before, I had been reading at least one book each week this year. I was doing so well, and then lockdown life got in the way. So, I well and truly fell off the reading wagon back in April.

After picking up Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth on offer the other week, I finally delved into it on my Kindle and it’s the first book in three weeks that I’ve actually managed to stick with!

Make an IGTV video or two

I know, I know, everyone and their mother is seemingly jumping on the IGTV wagon lately, but I really enjoyed creating the two videos that I’ve uploaded there in the past. Now seems like the perfect time to crack my camera out and try something new for a (relatively) new platform.

(P.S. I’d try TikTok too, but I honestly just don’t get it. I’m clearly far too old.)

(P.P.S. Also like everyone else, I thought about starting a podcast, but I genuinely don’t have anything interesting or entertaining to share, nor can I impart any wisdom on your ears, so I thought it was better to leave it to those who’ve genuinely got something to say.)

Try yoga

I’ve had the worst stiff neck ever for the past week or so. It’s given me plenty of tension headaches and I’m really fed up of it. I’ve been sitting with hot water bottles and frozen peas (or broccolli to be precise) on it, which has done little. After Googling for advice, every article that I found preached the joys of yoga for sore necks and backs.

I have got a mat. Somewhere. And I do wish I was one of those gracious women that you see on Instagram, looking all cross-legged and peaceful (and free of neck pain). So, now seems like a great time to tune into Yoga With Adrienne, doesn’t it?

Immerse myself in some culture

Over the past few weeks, I’ve loved watching a play or two online. (I’ve got a drama degree, and that theatre nerdery never leaves you…) The National Theatre have been putting up some fantastic plays on their YouTube Channel each week, and I’ve loved the ones that I’ve managed to see. But I’d love to make time for more stuff. The Globe productions, and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musicals, for instance.

A little aside: Why is it that when we went into lockdown, we were in awe at the multifarious possibilities of new things that we could do with our time? Yet, what we’ve actually done in reality is procrastinate and worry and all of the normal stuff that we normally do with little else being achieved? (No, just me then…?)

What’ve you got planned for this month?

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May Goals