First Impressions: The New Glow Range from Boots

This new range looks gorgeous, but is it any good?

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I’ve been browsing the Boots website a lot lately. You know how you always seem to run out of everything all at once? Well, same. This beautiful Millennial pink packaging jumped out at me, quickly followed by the affordable prices. (Each product in the Boots Glow range costs a mere £4!)

So I had to add a few products to my basket, didn’t I? I just had to…

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In the end, I bought the cleansing stick, the facial oil, and a moisturiser. Here’s what I made of them:

Boots Glow Cleansing Stick

I’ve never used a cleansing stick before, so I added this to my basket mainly for the novelty of trying one out.

I won’t lie, it felt a bit weird rubbing this all over my face in circular motions. The instructions tell you to do that, followed by lathering. I’ll be honest, it didn’t lather in the slightest. Did I mind? Not really. My face still felt clean though, which is the main thing I look for in a cleanser. (Clue’s in the title, and all that.)

My face felt lovely and soft after using it but it also felt ever so slightly tacky too.

Seeing as I haven’t really been wearing makeup during lockdown, I haven’t tried it up against a face full of slap. I would imagine that it does well at removing makeup though, because it feels quite oily in consistency once you’ve smeared it all over your face. I’ll maybe write a full post about it in the coming weeks when I’ve given it more of a comprehensive test run.

Boots Glow Essence

‘Essence’ is a fancy word for oil here, really. It’s got a pipette. It feels like a heavy oil, not the kind of one that’ll run through your fingers, but one that’ll stay pretty firmly in your palm until you’re ready to pat it onto your face.

I’ve been using it after serum but before my moisturiser at bedtime. And honestly? I really like this. It feels quite like Aldi’s short-lived rose oil from last year, which I promptly fell in love with as soon as it disappeared from the shelves, never to be seen again.

I looked much more radiant and glowy. (Which is great because that’s exactly what it says on the tin bottle).

It hasn’t broken my skin out, either. It seems to be heavy enough to sate dryness, but not so heavy that it aggravates acne.

Boots Glow Moisturising Cream

Last but not least is this day and night moisturising cream. I’ve only used it in the daytime, pre-government-sanctioned daily walk, so I can’t tell you if it’s a decent night cream or not.

But, for daytime, I like this too. If I’m not wearing makeup, I use Olay Sensitive Day Fluid to moisturise with, so I swapped it for this to see what it was like.

It’s a nice moisturiser. It’s reminds me a little of Glossier Priming Moisturiser, texture-wise.

It’s not too greasy, but it’s hardly matte either. I wouldn’t say it made me ‘glow’ too much, but enough. Nobody’s going to be catching their reflection in my face, which is a good thing.

And it makes a good base for makeup too. Your makeup won’t be sliding off with this moisturiser on, even if you forgo primer, but you won’t be battling excessive shine either. (Unless you’re using a ridiculously glowy foundation.) It paired well with The Ordinary Serum Foundation, when I actually bothered putting makeup on for a walk.

Should you buy anything from the Boots Glow range?

The thing that I really like about this Glow range is the scent. I can’t quite put my finger on what exactly the smell is, but it smells lovely. One minute I think they all smell like watermelon, then I’m swayed by the thought that they smell more like parma violets. Honestly, though? I can’t quite decide what this range does actually smell like. Let’s just go with watermelon. And fellow sensitive skin guys and gals, don’t worry, it’s not too strong. It didn’t rile my normally irritable skin.

All products from the Boots Glow range are also vegan and cruelty-free, which is a huge bonus. There are a number of other products in the range too, like an eye cream and a ‘glow tonic’ – sound familiar? (*Ahem*.)

This range kind of reminds me of Glossier, in a way. It’s probably the pink-ness, isn’t it? It is definitely a lot more affordable than Glossier, though. Like I said at the start of this post, all products from the range are £4. I honestly think that they’re worth it.

If you’re on the lookout for something new to smear on your face, you could hardly go wrong with this range. They might not be particularly groundbreaking, but they are affordable and great for the price. And if you don’t like them, it’s not a huge waste of money.

They are really nice to look at too… Not that that’s the most important thing. But it helps.

Have you tried anything from the Boots Glow range? What did you think?

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First Impressions: The New Glow Range from Boots