PR Samples:

Unless specified, all posts on Katie Writes feature products that have not been provided for free as PR Samples.

Any posts which feature products that have been provided free of charge will be clearly marked as a PR sample with an asterisk. Even though these products have been provided for free, my opinion will remain subjective.

Affiliate Links:

Some links in particular posts may be affiliate links, although it’s worth noting that I don’t use them very often. This means that I receive a very small amount (a few pennies) of commission if you click on them, and then decide to make a purchase. These will only be used when I’m talking about a product that I actually like, and will not have any impact on the products I decide to feature.

Sponsored Posts:

At the time of writing, I haven’t written any sponsored posts. In the event that this changes, all sponsored content will be marked very clearly with a disclaimer at the top of the blog post.


Unless otherwise stated, photography featured on this blog been taken by myself with my own camera. If you wish to share or re-use any images, please ask me by dropping me an email or tweet first!