PR Samples:

Unless specified, all posts on Katie Writes feature products that have not been provided for free as PR Samples.

Any posts which feature products that have been provided free of charge will be clearly marked as a PR sample with an asterisk. Even though these products have been provided for free, my opinion will remain subjective.

If I have been invited to an event for review purposes by a brand (such as this) or where free gifts are involved, it will also be made clear that this is the case.

Affiliate Links:

Some links in particular posts may be affiliate links, although it’s worth noting that I don’t use them very often. This means that I receive a very small amount (a few pennies) of commission via ShopStyle Collective (or very occasionally Amazon Associates) if you click on them, and a little more if you decide to make a purchase.

If affiliate links are used in a post, they are clearly marked with an asterisk, and I’ll disclose in the post that particular post contains affiliate links.

The wish list on the front page of the blog also contains affiliate links.

These will only be used when I’m talking about a product that I actually like, and will not have any impact on the products I decide to feature.

It’s worth noting that the majority of items on my Shop page contain these affiliate links. (This is currently offline due to technical issues.)

Sponsored Posts:

At the time of writing, I haven’t written any sponsored posts. In the event that this changes, all sponsored content will be marked very clearly with ‘AD’ in the title of the blog post so that readers are aware from the start that this is the case. This is in accordance with the CMA/ASA Influencer Guidelines that came into force in 2018.


Unless otherwise stated, photography featured on this blog been taken by myself with my own camera. If you wish to share, repost or re-use any images, please ask me by dropping me an email first!


Copyright Infringement:

In the rare event that someone steals any of my photographic work, I endeavour to take action by filing a Copyright Infringement notice as soon as possible. This means that, by law, you must remove the stolen material within 24 hours, otherwise further legal action will be taken. It also applies to: Pinterest, Instagram, Flickr, 500px, Twitter, Facebook, or any other website. I take a pretty hard stance on this issue, so even if I’m credited, without my permission being sought before re-use, I’ll still push for it to be taken down. So, I’d really appreciate being asked first, to stop this from happening!

The same also applies to written work. If I find that somebody has stolen content from posts or pages on Katie Writes, further action will be taken with a DMCA takedown notice being issued, or a takedown request being sent to your host if you’re based outside US jurisdictions.